RETURNING Summer 2021

Skyline Lodge – Highlands

Currently Under Renovation

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul”

– John Muir

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A Mountain Retreat Like No Other

The simplicity of a quiet night. The refreshment of an afternoon hike. The satisfaction of a perfect meal.

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Serenely situated on a mountain-top in Highlands, North Carolina, The Skyline Lodge already knows why you are here. Steeped in the design of Frank Lloyd Wright, there is a palpable sense of place. Through the entry, your curiosity awakens at the first look of a beautifully arranged and whimsical courtyard. Enjoying a sip of arrival drink and smoky
baked oyster, you release your luggage and explore. A slight breeze carries the sounds of Ella Fitzgerald, clinking glasses, and soft laughter through the mountain air. The smell of steak wafts from the restaurant stacks. Twinkling lights beckon you to come and see the view. Onto the lawn, soft blankets draped across lawn chairs encircle fire pits. With all your senses engaged, an energizing relief overtakes you and you know…

You will be taken care of at The Skyline Lodge.


Oak Steakhouse



470 Skyline Lodge Rd, Highlands, NC 28741